I try to be aware as much as I can of what’s going on in the world. “It starts with you and if you can influence other people to live well, than its kinda that pay it forward thing.”

“Hello,” said the girl, in a voice both surprisingly soft and surprisingly firm. “I apologize for interrupting your dinner hour, but I had nowhere else to go. I am Cecily Herondale, you see. I have come to be trained as a Shadowhunter.”

I’m a demon.

We’re not bad people. We just come from a bad place.

I’m a demon.

Step one: Discredit the witnesses. Step two: Introduce a new suspect. Step three: Bury the evidence. That’s how you get away with murder.

We a r e the mean girls

you can own the earth and still all you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind.
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